Success Stories
Real-Time Telemedicine with  HSPA
Real-Time Telemedicine has been taken up with enthusiasm in Thailand. The system offers real-time transmission of medical data and videoconference, operated over 3G mobile broadband network by my, was first used at Suppasit Prasong Hospital, Ubonrajthani Province.
A real-time consultation allows an immediate result to be obtained and there is likely to be a strong educational component for the remote practitioner. The use of the telephone is under-rated in telemedicine. Telephones have been used in outpatient follow-up, mental health, help lines and support groups. A video camera in the ambulance allows hospital physicians to see the patient’s physical conditions while real-time telemedical communication can relay information about heart rate, blood pressure, and even blood analysis. Specialist advice and support can facilitate diagnosis, treatment, assess patient and buy valuable time before they arrive at the hospital.
Mobile Banking with  HSPA
With rapid innovation development of communication, introducing more banking convenience for its corporate customers, “Mobile Banking” units that will provide more convenient banking services for customers-a cost effective mobile service
After working hour, services are rendered for more convenience and make life easier when handling financial transactions. Mobile vans can provide services to the general public, roaming around various points across the country, especially those in remote areas where sub branches are not situated, tourist destinations, communities, annual festival sites where an volume of financial transactions are high.
The mobile banking units will expand distribution channels and will be convenient for end-of-the-month customer transactions and expand the Bank’s deposit, reducing costs of delivering customer services over more expensive channels such as bank counters.
Mobile banking separates the bank itself from competitors in a crowded marketplace, improving customer satisfaction.