my helps your business save cost. So, less expense on the investment when my solutions save all of resource costs. With such borderless business management, good results will still be guaranteed.
Voice Solution
Voice solution allows your business to share call credit, common usage patterns within an organization with cost reduction on group member call.
For large numbers of external consumers, customized packages, designed to minimize the expense as well as be able to efficiently manage the communication group and requirements for Group Sharing of call credits.
Data Solution
Data solution is designed to match your business operation with special bundle packages and various handset devices on the most reliable network.
my VPN is one of smart solutions to enhance efficiency , speed, and security within group. The solution makes maintaining the privacy and security of your organization’s communications and data of the utmost importance and secure access to the corporate network resources over the Internet, best solution for banking industries.
Non Voice Solution
SMS Bulk Gateway makes group SMS fast, easy, and affordable nationwide via online application. With receipt status notification, you can verify whether messages reach recipients securely. The system allows you to launch bulk SMS to any of your friends in seconds, starting at 10,000 message/month